Rules and conditions

By registering, logging in, using the sites and services, you agree to the rules below, Terms of use, Business Terms and Conditions, including the Complaints Procedure.
You further agree to ours the principles of processing and protection of personal data, you also declare that you are entering your own personal data or data from the person you have consent to and that you have reached the age of majority in your country or you have the consent of your legal representative.

Concepts, game points and rules

Game moderator

- The game is moderated by our selected people
- Moderators have access to certain pieces of information
- Moderators have their own rules and tasks

Third party applications

- Third-party software
- The use of such software is forbidden and punished (thought to be software that interferes or modifies the game)

Game client

- Software that automatically updates game files and gives you access to the game
- Any modification is prohibited and punished


- An unwanted element
- Because of the complexity of the elements on this project, an unexpected element may occur
- In the event of finding such an element, contact us without delay, and failure to report and abuse is punishable


- Unique person

Registration, game account

- Some criteria may be used to create a user account (account)
- Data may not be inappropriate, pejorative - in violation of Czech law (the moderator may invite you to change this information, modify it or punish you)
- The user account (account) must be activated within 24 hours of registration, otherwise the user account will be removed
- There is no limit to the number of accounts the user can own
- After signing in, you have the option to redeem the game currency (DM-Dragon Coins) and buy it at the store that you receive in the game. All financial contributions are taken as a gift to the server and are irreversible.

Game character

- To create a game character, it is necessary to have a user account (account), to meet certain criteria
- Data may not be inappropriate, pejorative - in violation of Czech law (the moderator may invite you to change this information, modify it or punish you)

Finance, currency and business

- The real currency (Czech crown, Euro) is used to buy game premium currencies
- Game premium currency (Dragon Coins - DM) - Used to buy item items in the game shop (ItemShop)
- Game Currency (Yang) - serves for trading between players and is freely available for play
- Game Store (ItemShop) - Used to purchase items or enhancements that you receive in the game
- Purchasing a game premium currency is entirely voluntary and the purchase is free of any user-generated pressure
- All financial contributions are taken as a donation to the server and are irreversible
- If you have a problem, please contact our support (more information under Support)
- All items in the game, objects on the web, user accounts, characters, virtual currencies (gaming and premium games - Dragon Coins, Dragon Stamps, Yangy) are the property of the Operator, these Virtual Goods are given to you by the Operator

Support and assistance

- If you do not know something, you can look at it Discussion group
- In the event of a problem, you can contact the moderator who will deal with your situation
- Alternatively, you can contact us at Support


- _Je zakázáno:_

- _Používat programy 3. strany (které zasahují do hry)_
- _Modifikovat hru_
- _Nevhodné chování, pejorativní - v rozporu se zákony ČR a spamování_
- _Obchodování s reálnou měnou (prodej virtuálních statků)_
- _Mezi serverové obchodování_
- _Poškozovat dobré jméno služeb portálu, vymýšlet si, lhát nebo uvádět nepřesné informace_
- _Obtěžovat herního moderátora (můžete se ptát na dotazy ohledně hry a kolem hry, na přímé dotazy na moderátora ohledně osobního života nemusí reagovat; žádat ho o věci, kterýma by porušil pravidla pro moderátory)_
- _Obcházet blokaci chatu_
- _Vydávat se za moderátora_
- _Zveřejnovat identitu nebo osobní informace o spoluhráčích nebo moderátorech (jméno, příjmení, věk, bydliště atp.)_
- _Obtěžování ostatních hráčů na serveru ('spawnkill', pronásledování na mapách za účelem obtěžování, opakované úmyslné zrušení nebo snižování hodnoty aktivních buffů)_
- _Jakkoliv urážet, pomlouvat nebo zesměšňovat členy týmu. Toto je bráno jako hrubé porušení pravidel hry._

- It is only a Launcher / Patcher that runs a game client (Pretorians.exe) - It is a duty to respect the moderator and his regulations
- It is the duty to report errors

- For gaming events, a user can only play gaming events once (he may not participate in more than one character)

Violation of any point of the rules is forbidden and punished.

Additional rules

- In case of "Spawn event" game it is forbidden to take a drop (other player's objects), the drop owner's permission
- It is forbidden to kill other players in game events (exception PvP tournament)

Addition to Rules for Administrators

- Team members must not humiliate, insult or intimidate anyone
- Team members are strictly forbidden to express themselves inappropriately or vulgarly
- Team members are strictly forbidden to fight other players
- Team members spend most of their time in invisible mode (invisibility) (exception - some game events where their visibility is needed)
- Team members can use the means of communication (public chat games, private chat rooms, alerts) only in inevitable cases
- Team members restrict contact with players
- _Členové týmu můžou vlastnit herní účty avšak svojí identitu (nebo identitu kolegů) nesdělují ostatním hráčům._
- _Členové týmu nesmí zneužívat své pravomoce._
- Team members may not favor or disadvantage players
- Team members may have additional rules from LGM, it is necessary to take them as primary rules for administrators, to respect them and to behave according to them
- Team members are not entitled to any rewards and their work is done for the portal entirely voluntarily

Addition to our partners

- Partners are required to create promotions (videos, etc.) at least twice a week (exception of agreement)
- Partners are forbidden to exchange/sell/give items they have received for the purpose of promotionPartneři mají zakázáno vyměnovat/prodávat/dávat předměty, které získali za účelem propagace
- Partners are prohibited from exchanging / selling / giving (or sharing their login) with their account where the active partnership is
- will secure the tag before the name ([YT], [TW])
- will provide a bonus to new users of affiliated partners in the form of +24 hours of a premium account
- will secure a premium account for partners free of charge for the duration of the collaboration
In the event of a violation, we request a partner to punish or cancel a partnership