Server Update

On 11.03.2019 In time 06:54 Comments 9 comments _Zhlédnutí_ 1020x

Dear community

The server is online more than 1 week
and we have several news here.

Read more!

- Fixed game crashes
- Running automatic events
- Added new rewards to serverdrop
- Fixed guilds
- New quest by Soon
- Fixed Beran Setaou

We are working on full translate to
english. Be patient please.


Written by the user Spajk On 31.07.2019 In time 16:47
Nejhranější server

Written by the user MentalekMocTop On 04.06.2019 In time 23:54
@nepodstatny Je to hraný jako svině :D

Written by the user nepodstatny On 02.06.2019 In time 03:52
je tu velka popularita?

Written by the user wolfcrake On 15.03.2019 In time 00:56
will be good to add Paysafe metod to buy coins :XD thanks

Written by the user wolfcrake On 15.03.2019 In time 00:50
Very nice good work very good server GG

Written by the user DeaWi On 14.03.2019 In time 17:40
Už by to chtélo perma mounta

Written by the user Twlxl On 13.03.2019 In time 14:14
Hlavně makejte na serveru dal

Written by the user RLND On 12.03.2019 In time 18:20
Kradu. Ale jinak dobrý update.

Written by the user Marapara On 11.03.2019 In time 19:29